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Habitats/East 140th Street Between Brook and Willis; Rundown Block Revived With Details of Its Past

December 28, 1997

The New York Times - Real Estate Section

Habitats/East 140th Street Between Brook and Willis Avenues; Rundown Block Revived With Details of Its Past
Published: December 28, 1997

HATTIE WILLIAMS got more than a new apartment this year. She got a new neighborhood.

After some 30 years of watching as her Bronx home fell into disrepair and drug dealers took over street corners, her historic block of city-owned tenements on East 140th Street in the Mott Haven section homes finally got some attention. Not only did the tenements get repairs, but they were historically correct improvements that take the neighborhood back to its more stately past.

''You hear the saying, 'You can't fight City Hall,' '' said Ms. Williams, a mother of six who has lived at 455 East 140th Street since 1965. ''Then someone comes along and says, 'Yes you can.' Sure enough we got something done.''

The building in which Ms. Williams lives was one of seven tenements with a total of 114 units on the block between Brook and Willis Avenues selected for a pilot housing rehabilitation program called Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program, which was created by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

The program is sponsored jointly by the agency and the New York City Housing Partnership, a private, nonprofit intermediary between government, builders and community groups.

As part of the project local entrepreneurs are identified to manage and own the buildings. The partnership, which took ownership of the seven buildings during the rehabilitation, coordinated the financing and provided technical assistance.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program is to put such buildings back in the hands of private owners -- in this case, Josue Velazquez, a local landlord, who will operate and eventually own the seven buildings.​

Apartment Views

Snag a Two-Bedroom Apartment for $870 a Month in The Bronx

December 23, 2016


Snag a Two-Bedroom Apartment for $870 a Month in The Bronx


Published: December 23, 2016

THE BRONX — A total of 59 newly renovated affordable apartments for as low as $822 per month are coming up for grabs across six buildings in The Bronx.

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